Cancer New Moon 2021

“Those who seek good for all will speak good words, and their actions will be good for all. Those who seek power will speak of great things to gain followers, and their actions will be bad for all. You will know them by their actions. Seek this truth as proven over time” -Karl Oleson, Festus […]

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Gemini Solar Eclipse 2021

“Without the darkness, we would never know the light”. Happy Annular Eclipse! A whisper on the breeze or stormy seas. The eclipse occurs over the U.S. and Canada while many North Americans slumber. Gemini, the sign of the twins, associates with decisions, duality, the left and right brain, or “good/evil” sides of the personality. They […]

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Taurus New Moon 2021

Happy New Moon! Gather your strength! Taurus is Earth ruled by Venus. Arbor Day, Earth Day, Beltane, and Mother’s Day are some of the many holidays in the month of Taurus. The vibration of Earth herself is Love! Black Moon Lilith(BML) is conjunct this new moon. Getting back to nature is the focus. She will […]

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Aries New Moon 2021

“An element of recovery is learning that we deserve success, the good things that come to us, and also that pain is a reality. We have the strength to deal with that pain without medicating, and it will pass.”~ Dudley Martineau It is time to celebrate the new year! Happy Baby New Moon meets Eris, […]

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Pisces New Moon 2021

Happy Pisces New Moon and Shabbat HaChodesh! We are leaving the Dark Winter and entering into a new growing season. The Southern Hemisphere is enjoying the season’s harvest! Either way, what bliss! ;D Pisces season is the season of bliss, growth, and happiness. We have a strong romantic influence as Venus is conjunct Neptune in […]

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Aquarius New Moon 2021

Happy Aquarius New Moon and Chinese New Year of the Metal Ox! Aquarius is a fixed air/mental sign. Strong wills and determination power this year’s goals! It is time to fix the errors of the past. Aquarius is tradition that works. What do we know? What do we not know? We may develop a sensitivity […]

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January New Moon 2021

When the dawn of simplicity comes in life, complications leave. ~Some Yogi in a teacup. Happy New Moon! This month is the final finally of 2020(the year of the rat)! The Sun and Moon meet at 23 degrees Capricorn and make a conjunction to Pluto! Things are intense and we have optimal power to transform […]

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December Total, Solar Eclipse 2020

Happy Eclipse! And Happy Holidays! Hanukah is already upon us! Meditate on the light, become centered, and clean your temple. ;D The season changes with the Sun, moon, and constellations! Our most sacred traditions are based on the position of the stars. Feast or fast, a big surprise accelerates us forward. The whole Earth experiences […]

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November 2020 New Moon

Happy New Moon! It is literally my bedtime ;D The Sun and Moon meet in Scorpio at 23 degrees 17 minutes. We are at the end of Scorpio season and entering happy, abundant Sagittarius. Discoveries happen in our own backyard! Seek inner transformation for outer alteration. Scorpio represents the occult and often sex and death. […]

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Happy Samhain!

It is the cross-quarter point or the day that marks mid-autumn(15th day of 8th month[Sun in Scorpio]). We are halfway between life and death. Death being winter. Many cultures honor the ancestors at this time. Things are dying and we must prepare for the coming season. Our ancestors celebrated these times as seasonal changes. This […]

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