January New Moon 2021

When the dawn of simplicity comes in life, complications leave. ~Some Yogi in a teacup. Happy New Moon! This month is the final finally of 2020(the year of the rat)! The Sun and Moon meet at 23 degrees Capricorn and make a conjunction to Pluto! Things are intense and we have optimal power to transform […]

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December Total, Solar Eclipse 2020

Happy Eclipse! And Happy Holidays! Hanukah is already upon us! Meditate on the light, become centered, and clean your temple. ;D The season changes with the Sun, moon, and constellations! Our most sacred traditions are based on the position of the stars. Feast or fast, a big surprise accelerates us forward. The whole Earth experiences […]

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November 2020 New Moon

Happy New Moon! It is literally my bedtime ;D The Sun and Moon meet in Scorpio at 23 degrees 17 minutes. We are at the end of Scorpio season and entering happy, abundant Sagittarius. Discoveries happen in our own backyard! Seek inner transformation for outer alteration. Scorpio represents the occult and often sex and death. […]

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Happy Samhain!

It is the cross-quarter point or the day that marks mid-autumn(15th day of 8th month[Sun in Scorpio]). We are halfway between life and death. Death being winter. Many cultures honor the ancestors at this time. Things are dying and we must prepare for the coming season. Our ancestors celebrated these times as seasonal changes. This […]

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October New Moon 2020

“Strange things blow in through my window on the wings of the night wind and I don’t worry about my destiny.” —Carl Sandburg Happy New Moon! The Sun and Moon meet at 23 degrees 53 minutes Libra. Libra is the sign of the Law, justice, and equality. Eris is in opposition to the New Moon […]

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September New Moon 2020

“…discard from [your] life all disruptions and any energy of death, yielding a change for the better in the new year’s script”. Rav P.S. Berg Happy New Moon, Rosh Hashanah, and SUPERMOON! The Sun and moon meet at exactly 25 degrees Virgo. Tis the end of a season. It is the last days of the […]

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Astrology Ramblings 2020

The moon is in Aquarius and will enter Pisces tomorrow. Happy full moon! With the entrance of the coming Aquarian Energy, the trend is love from a distance. Instead of connecting in the physical, we will be pushing to save humanity in the technical. The current Capricorn energy is holding material goods over our heads. […]

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August New Moon

Happy New Moon! The Sun and Moon meet at 26 degrees: 35 minutes Leo. Leo is about Love, Life, and the Lion. Possessed by the Sun, Leo rules the heart; it is the child within. Enjoy, and do what you love! Leo is a fixed, fire sign. Fire is the creator, the destroyer, and the […]

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The Second Cancer New Moon

 “That’s one small step for a man.”~ Neil Armstrong; July 20th, 1969. Happy rare New moon!  It is Moon Day on a Monday with Sun and Moon in Cancer, ruled by the moon ;D  EMO!  Emotions and love are the motivations behind this dreamy time!  Intuition is on tap.  This is a second chance at a […]

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June Solar Eclipse 2020

Cry me a river, Sing me an ocean, Drowned in fear, We are left with a notion.  Happy Father’s Day, Solstice, and New Moon Eclipse!  The North node is stationed within minutes of the eclipse and hours of the solstice!  It is officially summer and the longest day in the Northern hemisphere.  The Annular Solar […]

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