Sagittarius New Moon 2022

Happy new moon, indeed! Here’s to the Sage Traveler! The stallion moon shares a drink with stationed Jupiter before kissing the young Sagittarian Sun. We get a jovially good dose of Zeus! Venus and Mercury in his sign, it is a definite party! Give thanks and be grateful! The energy begins with a powerful urge […]

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Scorpio Eclipse 2022

Happy Partial Solar Eclipse! Scorpio season develops with Venus directly in the path of this powerful Sun-Moon presence. We need the rain. Being stuck inside allows for reading, research, and introspection. Dig to the depths in order to spark the light. Scorpio teaches us that, sometimes, it is perfectly acceptable to give into your desires. […]

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Libra New Moon 2022

Happy New Moon and Rosh Hashanah! This new moon marks the end of the year of Jubilee; surprises appear in the garden when allowed to grow, and debt–forgiven! What was pardoned? It is a blessing to all! Time to move forward. New year, new you! Rosh Hashanah is a Jewish High Holy Day and the […]

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Entering the Autumn 2022

Happy last hours of Summer and the Sun in Virgo! Tomorrow evening the Sun enters Libra marking the Autumnal Equinox! Mercury retrograde is “in the heart of the Sun”(cazimi)! It will conjunct the Sun again on November the 8th(Total Lunar eclipse)! This is big!!! May the truth from the gods be given to men! Justice […]

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Virgo New Moon: Afterthoughts

The Virgo New moon has more concentration on protection and preservation than perfection. The day before(the dark moon, August 26th, 2022), the Sun squares Mars, Ceres squares the nodes, + so much more! I wanted to finish and publish my blog as usual, but the Universe saw fit to thwart my intention. At first, I […]

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Leo New Moon 2022

Happy Leo New Moon! Here’s to the haughty ambitious! We experienced an intense super-full moon a couple of weeks ago! A lot has changed, and it is difficult though necessary. It may be time for a little upstaging or stage diving theatrics. Make a break with the past so the future can be created! The […]

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Cancer New Moon 2022

Happy Cancer New Moon! It is the second new moon of June. One week after the Solstice. Neptune is stationed, retrograde in Pisces, and will reactivate the point of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in September. Express words through love and art. Que the music or put those ideas to a rhythm or rhyme. The Cancer influence is a […]

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Gemini New Moon 2022

“When an uncontrolled intellectualization freezes up valuable feelings, this… is a warning. But when the sharpness of the mind frees us from the proliferation of sick feelings, this painful step is as vital to our life as a necessary operation.” –H. Banzhaf’s book The Tarot Handbook Happy Gemini New Moon! Duality is present in the […]

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Taurus Solar Eclipse 2022

Happy Taurus New Moon Partial Eclipse, Beltane(May Day), and the end of Ramadan! Initiation time! Will you stand, guardian of the gate, or will you pass over the threshold? New adventures for the long haul, welcome! Do what feels right for you. Pay attention to patterns and enjoy the spark of passion and fire(art, music, […]

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