June Solar Eclipse 2020

Cry me a river, Sing me an ocean, Drowned in fear, We are left with a notion. 

Happy Father’s Day, Solstice, and New Moon Eclipse!  The North node is stationed within minutes of the eclipse and hours of the solstice!  It is officially summer and the longest day in the Northern hemisphere.  The Annular Solar Eclipse is on the Cardinal direction point of Cancer (0°21)!  This is heralding a brand new beginning!

The Moon is in her home sign, a very powerful time!  It is never too late to plant a seed. Healing herbs are very lunar. It is typical to plant after the New Moon and to harvest at her fullest. Those who come out of their cave(womb) will live. Luna changes like the prenatal mother, and gives birth when the time is right. The moon is part of the Earth whether she was adopted or birthed.  The woman of the night is hiding in the daylight.

June is the month of Juno; equality and marriage season!  Juno’s gift is conceiving. She bears the bliss/pain of heaven. She represents karmic contracts. A gift is given, will it be accepted or rejected? With Chiron, she is telling us to bear the pain and keep going. If our work suffered because of the pandemic we can destroy our negative emotions holding us down and begin anew.  Juno(vegetation) is in aspect with Vesta(trees), the space holding spinster, and Lilith(forests), the devouring destroyer of demons… 

A new beginning is not only likely but guaranteed; especially in health, sex, and/or death. With Cancer, we may be focused on the more material aspects of security. A higher consciousness of Cancer is required; perhaps partake in the sharing of food, safety, good health, love, and /or power.

Photo by me taken near the court house in Clayton, MO

Goddess asteroids are prominent!  When this occurs we see things like the women’s suffrage movement, social justice and human rights issues, or a green, Earth/mother influence.  They bring the cooperation of the Nations or the whole world together on a common goal.  The larger issues, including climate change, social injustice, and medical issues, will only be fixed if it is demanded by the people.  However, ‘medicine’ may be pushed with no peer review and at an unset price; possibly to one set of people(sex, race, or demography).  Equal treatment may be forced, however.  

Mercury, the trickster, recently stationed retrograde in Cancer just before opposing Pluto and his gang in retrograde(Pluto Rx[dictator, transformer, death…], Jupiter Rx[King, expansion, massive…], Pallas Rx[social justice, strategic warfare, the lil’ people…]).  If this chart doesn’t scream ‘throwing out the old guard and establishing a new one…’!  Just wait for the July 4th lunar eclipse over the USA!

A lot of things are hidden, maybe even an abusive mother, things that should nurture but are toxic, traitors, tyrants, or even using self-care as a weapon or a cruel, humorous game. Those who control the media are laughing their asses off! There are big changes and things are merging. A divine awakening is occurring.

There is already a cure even if it is hidden, obscure, or only available to a select few.  Climate change is being hidden also, but could become very pronounced by January 2021. The eclipse is lighting the darkness in our sacred space and bringing preventative and herbal knowledge to our home/medicine chest.  Nurture yourself and your community. Food is often what brings us together. Food may also be used to make up for the recent emotional distancing.

June Solar Eclipse
For the central US, the Eclipse is in the 3rd house and the Undersky of the chart. These are the things happening which are not visible from our sky point-of-view. This Eclipse will be felt in our local communities even though it is unseen.

A quick reading of the chart reveals: The playful, king of the pride lands is having to be a reaper of sorts. Eris sparks a fire. The Eris/Pluto square is still well defined. Someone had to throw in the fireball! Uranus steps in to feed the root of the issue. Value is found in the friendly goddess and her pleasures and treasures. Nurturing hygiene in communities, work, or families. Marriage or solitude? Communications about the home, including the king. Hospitals/labs are hiding insight. A secret contract. An explosion in the far Northeast. The switching of identities or flag.  An explosion between two kingdoms causes the need for understanding and natural healing!

June Solar India
In the chart for Northern India(the location where the eclipse will be exact) the Eclipse is in the 10th house, as well as all the other planets and points in that area of the chart. Northern India is in battle with China and Pakistan, their neighbors. The 10th house is government, acknowledgment, fame, and/or chosen path. India, unexpectedly, maybe a force to deal with. They are showing who they are. Mars in Pisces on the descendant may represent a war between boundaries.

Pray for healing and the truth to reveal itself. The spirit of God hovers.  Saturn, the father, is inconjunct the eclipse and retrograde at the beginning of the air sign Aquarius. Air is oxygen. We need air to breathe. We must take responsibility, especially for our health and the health of our planet.

With the Cancer influence, we need to determine for certain what is our responsibility and what is the others’ responsibility. Heavy Capricorn is pulling us back to needing stability even if we give up some of our autonomy. Cancer would rather be safe than risk the unknown. But it is in the direction of the unknown that we are heading. Step up and face the challenge. Be well and help others to be well. Remember to breathe. Learn to swim…Think long-term. Stop doubt and create the world you want to live in. Stay above your emotions. Emotions are passing just as shit floats down the river. Certainty keeps us afloat. Share a boat and enjoy the ride ;D

Peace, love, and music,

Rachel McCabe

image1 (5)
Pets, siblings, and a neighbor on a boat in the water.

Body Scan Meditation

Bring attention to the body; feel the weight; breathe, inhale, exhale; relax. Move through your fingers and toes. Softening each digit as you bring your awareness to each one. Then your wrist and ankles. Moving up the arms and legs; feel your weight drop into the floor. Move to your shoulders and relax your shoulders. Relax your thighs and glutes. Breathe. As you exhale let all the air out of your lungs, abdomen, and back as you melt into the earth.  She is holding you. Relax your chest and neck. Breathe. Relax your head and move through each facial feature. Soften the eyes, cheeks, and chin. Soften the lips and forehead. Be aware of any body part you missed or that is still holding tension. Let it go. You are weightless. All of your burdens have melted away into the earth. The Earth is holding you.

Further Body Scan Meditation involves the senses. You can continue the same way as the above, bringing awareness to your smell, sight, sound, touch, and taste. You can also incorporate these little meditations throughout your day:

Taste: Make a plate of your favorite goodies and enjoy each flavor. You can also feed your loved ones and watch them enjoy it. A fun little game: blindfold someone and have them guess what food they are tasting.

Touch: This is self-explanatory…touch ‘feel good’ places or enjoy sensory like a child: feel sand or water flow through your fingers. Notice the difference in textures. Feel the cool wetness of a splash of water. Notice the temperature of the air. How does the air feel as it breezes by? Is it warm and humid, or cool and refreshing like AC?

Sight: Visuals are great. Many people use mandalas to meditate on. Beautiful scenery is also nice to concentrate on. We are very influenced by the visuals presented before us. It is important to focus on or visualize what we would like to see more of in the world. Focusing on visuals adds much power to thought.

Sound: Sound massage! Enjoy a singing bowl massage or a live concerto! Listen to music that moves you. Sound is also vibration. Sing to yourself.  Speak, and feel the sensations of your voice being heard.  Express your emotions through words or instruments.  Music is like flowers to the ears of a Cancer.

Smell: I was recently invited to a course on learning about your fragrance. The sense of smell is amazingly powerful as it lets you know if you should go further. For example: if food has a bad odor you would not eat it. If it smells good you are instantly attracted. Studies on perfume show that smells have influences on our moods(check out a book on essential oils for info on mood enhancers). Smells also bring up memories of the past or our ancestors. The smell of old Oakwood in an attic always reminds me of my grandparents’ house in New York and the pleasant childhood memories I have from there. It is not the same as the smell of an oak tree being cut down ;D Stop and smell the roses!

Featured Image from:  https://www.ocregister.com/2020/05/11/neon-bioluminescent-waves-fading-after-making-the-ocean-glow-off-southern-california-coast/

For more info on eclipses: https://spaceweather.com/

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