Gemini Solar Eclipse 2021

Without the darkness, we would never know the light”.

Happy Annular Eclipse! A whisper on the breeze or stormy seas. The eclipse occurs over the U.S. and Canada while many North Americans slumber. Gemini, the sign of the twins, associates with decisions, duality, the left and right brain, or “good/evil” sides of the personality. They are the quickest thinkers, flying swiftly from one idea to the next.

Gemini may benefit from the meditation of house cleaning and space clearing. I like to listen to music while I clean, but I often do more dancing than cleaning. A clean space is a clear mind. It is an energetic meditation in motion helping to free us from our thoughts. After the chores, we may have a sense of accomplishment, and we are free to relax or focus our minds in our living environment. We are in the middle of Vestila, a week-long festivity(June 7th-15th) celebrating the threshold goddess of sacred rites, devotion, and focus. Ritualize spring cleaning!

Mercury Rx conjunct the eclipse is skewed information coming to light. The threshold god, Hermes, occults, returns to the Sun, and carries messages on the wind between gods and men. Mercury will return to this exact point again on July 4th, 2021.

Mercury is especially powerful here in its own sign, conjunct the eclipse, fixed star Bellatrix, and the ascendant. “There is undoubtedly an intellectual crisis, and ideas that you previously held sacred may be revealed as sheer stupidity.” From Interpreting the Eclipses by Robert Carl Jansky. The unknown becomes known.

Juno Rx in Sagittarius was trine Hygiea in Leo for some time: running/fast-moving contracts in review with preventative medicine connected to the heart. Vesta is in an exact square to Juno. Demetra George’s book Asteroid Goddesses suggests alienation, obsession, or sexual domination. The ability to come into a partnership as unique, autonomous beings brings the best benefits. Personal freedom is as important as personal relationships. From The Sacred Secrets of Vesta by Rachel McCabe, Vesta square Juno:

“…a difficult path between sovereignty and the marriage contract. Fulfilling the sacred agreement may be interrupted by an obligation to another. Often one surrenders to the partner to hold her position. She may love the romantic game but desires to be on her path. The lesson may be in finding a partner supportive of the individual, karmic requirements”. 

Of course, this may apply to business relationships and work. The time calls for an understanding of cause-and-effect relationships. For example: how do someone else’s words affect your well-being? Words are like magic spells, be careful what you say and be mindful of what others say. You may want to separate from those who do not offer kind words. I can give many examples of how someone else’s words created, changed, or influenced my personal world. May your speech take you to where you want to go, and may your intentions be more influential than your enemies.

Poisonous substance opposes our sacred space and creative fire. Nessus(15 Pisces), the Centaur planet of abuse that has played a prominent role during these maddening times, creates a mutable grand cross square the Gemini eclipse/Mercury Rx, opposite Vesta in Virgo, and square Juno Rx in Sagittarius. Abuse needs to stop; however, the danger lies in the victim becoming the abuser. Segregation and discrimination are pressing concerns in the U.S. again. Neptune in Pisces is also square the ascendant and Mercury Rx at 23 degrees Pisces.

Get creative with your communications. I recently made a vow to conserve my speech. Although difficult, vows help to facilitate growth. Observe where your communications and non-communications take you.

Mars is at the anaretic degree of Cancer. Emotions held in check could make a dramatic entrance into the fixed fire of Leo(opposite the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction of 2020). Semi-square to Vesta adds a spiritual dimension and brings Mars into connection with the eclipse and other aspects of this chart. Values are on the line, and we may be in a position to act on them. Jupiter on the midheaven brings an essence of joy or melancholy to our ambitions.

Patience is a virtue, and timing is everything.

Saturn retrograde is square the Ceres/Uranus conjunction. Saturn in Aquarius brings more limitations to the human population. The Taurus conjunction represents the greater whole of Earth and the human body. Most if not all of humanity will experience this. Ceres connects with the change of seasons, genetics, and agriculture and Uranus to the suddenness of surprise, lightning, and shock. What does AI, 5G, or other scientific discoveries have to do with Earth, genetics, food, medicine, and the whole, electrical body function? In the fixed Earth of Taurus, people may need physical comfort. Nurturing independence, groups, and partnerships individually, is to honor each one of them. Be free to wander, feed, and sense each other.

Looking to nature to find the twins, I learned no two are the same. Trees may look similar, born in the same place and location. Yet, the differences are apparent. Even two people born in the same place and time will have different influences that affect their growth, personality, and physical body. Man has made many things in his image or things that appear to be the same. But this is not found in nature. We are all individuals relying on one another for sustenance. Share what your heart desires if for no other reason than for some relating, equality, or a free hug.

Happy Pride month and week of the ancient festival of Vesta! Dance until you breakthrough! Lots of love,

Rachel McCabe

Moon enters Cancer June 11th; plant some seeds.

Mercury was on the eclipse point on May 18th-20th. It will return to 19 degrees Gemini on July 2nd and its current position at 20 degrees 41 minutes Gemini on July 4th. Mercury stations direct at 16 degrees Gemini on June 22nd and leaves its shadow at 24 degrees Gemini on July 7th.

Mars enters Leo on June 11th followed by Venus on June 27th. The Venus/Mars conjunction is on July 13th.

Vesta leaves her past retrograde shadow on June 27th.

Jupiter is at the second degree of Pisces, where he will remain for the rest of the month due to his upcoming retrograde on June 20th, just minutes before the Solstice: Sun enters Cancer. Jupiter Rx returns to Aquarius July 28th.

Saturn square Uranus is exact on June 15th.

Neptune stations retrograde on June 25th.

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